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The Beginnings of Love and Fashionable Pets

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

What could be cuter than a cat or a dog wearing their very own outfit? Something about dressing up our pets below the neck affords us the opportunity to add another layer of expression to their character. Love and Fashionable Pets are certainly intertwined.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been enthralled with animals dressed in clothing. As I grew older, I became more fascinated with just how fashionable pets can really be. So it's no surprise that as an adult, I just can't resist dressing my own loveable pet in clothes.

It allowed me to realize that they are more than just pets, but an integral part of the family they become a part of. I would later learn this lesson from my first fur baby, who took an enormous space in my heart and never left. I named him Prince because he was so poised in his walk, demeanor, and his name doesn't even begin to describe his royal personality. Prince was shih poo (Shih Tzu and Poodle mix) who came into my life at 5 months old and remained there until he crossed over the rainbow. He was so smart, funny, loving and feisty when he wanted to be. Prince became my trusted little companion and he opened the door for those who didn't even realize what an amazing gift pets could be in their own world. I have at least 5 friends who, after interacting with Prince, were compelled to adopt a pet. He often traveled with me,dressed in style, and what many found interesting is how much Prince loved getting dressed. I would call his name and say, "Are you ready to put some clothes on?" and his furry little tail would wag uncontrollably with excitement. He understood that when I would say let's put your coat on, that he would be going outside and hurried to put on his coat, so he could explore in fashion. He knew the routine and would jump up to get the latest sweaters, coats, shirts to be adorned in.


Deciding what to buy for Prince was so challenging and fun. I always tried to match or compliment the sweater or coat with his personality, which was mostly a challenge except when it came to leather jackets. I could never get enough of the style, fit, and cut. He lapped up the attention he received when we would go out together. When people would stop me on the street and tell me how adorable he was, he'd just sit there like royalty getting his compliments. His style and accessories were unique and very hip at the time - jeans, ties and parka, which I still have as a keepsake today.


In 2012, he became friends with a beautiful brown-eyed American Staffordshire Terrie by the name of Honey. Honey's mom and I are bestie/sisters and when they used to snuggle, it warmed our hearts. Honey was loving and fashionable as well. When Prince and I moved to California, he got a baby brother, a miniature pinscher named Buddha who has a spunky personality and loves to get dressed just like his big brother Prince. Together they were a dynamic and fashion forward duo who were styled to fit every occasion. Sadly, both Prince and Honey have both departed and even with their devastating loss, I'm reminded of the love and compassion they gave to us. We have upcoming Collections that will be dedicated to Prince & Honey. With their passing, Buddha has maintained his fashion forward sense, always dressed to impress, and this would later bring forth the birth of High Society Pet Boutique. We are proud to say that Buddha is now our current brand ambassador who will lead the way with the journey we take in Pet Couture!!

"Who says your fur babies can't match your level of Couture"

From the beginning, there was one goal for this shop, to provide customers with "the best" that fashion has to offer for their furry family. There is nothing more special than a FUR-LOVING customer who spoils their pet just like us. Thanks to our loyal fur baby customers and their inspiration we are able to discover new designers from around the world and showcase these designers in our store so that everyone can experience the magic of pet couture. We want all pet lovers to enjoy this magical experience.

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